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Hello and welcome to our bookstore!! 

We are Jonny and Jenna Bazzle, co-founders of Bazzle Books. We represent two different sides of readers. Jonny is an avid reader and book lover. He enjoys collecting books just as much as he loves to read them. Jenna loves to read a good book (when she actually picks one up) but would call herself neither a bookworm nor an avid reader. We recently moved to Nashville just a few days after getting married to start fresh in a city that is rapidly growing each and every day. Between working full-time, attending college part-time, and starting up an online bookstore our lives are never dull.

We started this bookstore to be able to offer something for all styles of readers. A bookstore that offers lots of collections and various genres for shoppers. We wanted to include a monthly book club that would give both readers a chance to find a new author or genre. That’s why we created Bazzle’s Book Society, to create a place for readers of all kinds to come discuss their favorite books and share new genres and authors with each other. We wanted to connect with new authors and content creators to help expose our readers to their material. Keeping our inventory current and fresh with all the new material we find. 

Our other goal for this bookstore is to expose our readers to books and authors they never would have read before. Instead of having a religion dedicated section, we have chosen to integrate Christian authors and religious based books into every category we have. This allows for those who wouldn’t typically walk into or search for a religious based book to find clean content within their favorite genres. It also helps Christian authors and content creators to promote their material to a wider audience, building a stronger community of Christian believers, readers, authors, and creators. 

Based out of Nashville TN, we would love to open up a physical building very soon. We want to combine our two favorite things: books and coffee, and share it with our community. Creating a bookstore and café lounge with a very cozy environment is our goal. We want to create a space where people can come and buy a book, buy a coffee, or just sit and work and still feel at home. From after school kids, to retired book lovers, to workers just grabbing a coffee on their lunch break, a space where our community can come together through all stages of life and enjoy a break with a book.

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